20, 35 & 60+
20, 35 & 60+ (a.k.a. “How the hell did that happen?”) – 2017 Background notes

“The artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.” Robert Rauschenberg

Ah, the glorious mismatch between the person on the inside and the one in the mirror…

An exhibition of artworks exploring

  • fleeting time
  • fickle fate
  • failing politics
  • falling hair
  • and eternal hope.

The exhibition at The Tabernacle (see map) has two parallel themes, the effects of passing time and the plight of refugees. The former we all experience, the latter is more personal. One of my closest friends was on the last Kindertransport to make it to the UK in 1939. My former (Yemeni) in-laws are currently trapped in Jordan, unable to return home. The bulk of the works will be oil paintings with some sculptures and other pieces.

“If my art has nothing to do with people’s pain and sorrow, what is ‘art’ for?“ Ai Weiwei

I’ll be in residence all week, so why not drop in sometime, have a look, and a chat?

“The function of the artist in a disturbed society is to give awareness of the universe, to ask the right questions, and to elevate the mind.” Marina Abramovic

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Last updated: 19th May 2017.