The story behind the work

20, 35 & 60+ (a.k.a. “How the hell did that happen?”) – 2017

20, 35 & 60+ (How the hell did that happen?)
Having spent most of my adult life working in the theatre, narrative is hugely important to me. That can be either, or both, the narrative that informs a work or a narrative that is explored and and/or expressed through it. For example, in relation to ‘20, 35 & 60+ (How the hell did that happen?)’, I remember talking to an uncle of mine when I was in my early 20s and he was in his mid to late 50s and he asked me, “how old do you feel inside?” Seeing my confusion, he then went on to explain that although in his 50s he still felt inside that he was 21 – his perfect age. The age when he was truly himself. I now understand all too well what he meant and how he felt. The internal me still has hair, muscle and a flat stomach. Alas, whenever I look in a mirror that illusion is instantly shattered as I stare at this aged stranger staring just as intently back at me. On the plus side, one of the great advantages of the passing years is that you realise that you really don’t need to waste time worrying about what other people think of you.